Julie Bassinot
Graphic & Interactive Designer
+33 (0)6 62 64 82 14
Based between Paris & Strasbourg [FR]

After graduating with a Master degree in digital design, I am following my studies at la HEAR until 2020 in the graphic communication master. I am focusing my practice on books, posters, and visuals identities with a particular interest for digital media. All determined or in progress projects are mainly part of editorial design, interventions in space and interractive prototypes.


Master 2 in Graphic Communication
at the HEAR Artschool, Strasbourg, 2018-2020
→ Four-years Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media,
at the Estienne Artschool, Paris, 2016-2018
→ Two-years Degree in Visual Communication & Multimedia,
at the Jacques Prévert Artschool, Paris, 2013-2016
→ Fondation class of applied arts
at the Renoir Artschool, Paris, 2012-2013
→ Literary high school degree
at the Emmanuel Mounier High school, Paris, 2012


R2 design [4 months]
Graphic design studio based in Porto [PT]

Unfun [3 months]
Graphic design studio based in Berlin [DE] • Creative Strategy, Experiential, Branding, Advertising Campaigns, Creative and Art Direction, Typographic Design, Digital Design and Development, Photography…

Point Barre [2 months]
Digital studio based in Paris [FR] • UX Design, integration, development, prototypage and SEO optimisation, datavisualisation, open-source solutions…


Designed & coded with my fingers.
Fonts in use : Syne by Bonjour Monde & Helvetica
February 2019 — All rights reserved. Any reproduction or copy is prohibited without the prior consent of Julie Bassinot ©. For all inquiries, please write to the email address.


Atelier furtif is a workshop co-organized with Capucine Gougelet and La Volte édition at Les Intergalactiques • [FR] 2019
→ The interactive prototype Passage exhibited at Le Labo de l’édition • Paris [FR] dec 2017
→ Typographic performence, digital department at the Frankfurt Book Fair during the Rudi Baur 's Workshop • Francfort [DE] oct 2017
→ The prototype Vacuum LHD1314 exhibited at the Estienne Artschool during the workshop organized by Chevalvert Studio • Paris [FR] dec 2016


→ TAPS, Actuel XI theater festival • Strasbourg [FR] 2018
→ Biennale Exemplaire 2019 • Rennes [FR] 2018-2019
→ Alain Damasio and La Volte edition • Clamart [FR] 2018
→ CNC & INA • Bois d’Arcy [FR] dec 2017
→ Erasme-Descartes Fondation • Paris [FR] 2016


Alain Damasio, La Volte (Paris, FR), Les Intergalactiques (Lyon, FR), Théatre Actuel et Public de Strasbourg (Strasbourg, FR), Biennale Exemplaire 2019 (Rennes, FR), Casino du Luxembourg (Luxembourg, LU), Labo de l'édition (Paris, FR), Collectif Note (Paris, FR), Tallulah Frappier, Valentin Socha, Florian Frier, Mustapha Bensalem, Capucine Gougelet, Inès Rousset, Nicolas Verschaeve, Morgat Bry, Chani Pouzet, Marie Serrié, Laurinne Pasco, Valentin Maynadie.